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Hima Yeollie
About me:
I'm a girl . I'm 15 . I'm Vietnamese .
I'm a Kpop fan .
Especially SNSD, EXO, F(x) , B.A.P , 4min ,..Minhyuk ( BtoB ) , Sojin , Minah ( Girls' Day ) , Kyungri, Minha, Euaerin, Sera ( 9 muses ) ...
I love design and I'm a designer ~
I want to make friends with everyone in the world ♥
Love all ~

Exo - Comeback Showcase in Shanghai Backstage

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D.O’s message to Baekhyun

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exo hand sign.

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abusive d.o...( ̄ー ̄)

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Exo lending a helping hand to Naeun 

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Anonymous whispered: Luhan's full name is just Lu Han. His last name is Lu and there is no Xi.

oh~ sorry ==